Hello!  You’ve stumbled across the page of Randy Napier, hobbyist game developer and IT professional (and trying to reverse those roles).  You’re in dangerous water, as this is my personal page to rant and rave about damn near anything, from politics to video games to, well, mostly those two things.  And science.  Three things.  If you want to see what I’ve been developing in the game world, check out All Messed Up Games or follow @AMU_Games on twitter.  If you’re interested in hiring me for a gig, just drop me a line in the Contact Me page and we’ll see what happens.

Note: Despite having this domain for something close to forever this site is currently heavily under construction.  Please forgive the lack of anything being set up for the time being.  If you come back in a month and it still looks like rubbish you can publicly chastise me.

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